SWAN HILL SPEEDWAY                                                                                                                                

Results from February 3rd 2018

AMCA Nationals Victorian State Title
1st      A1  Jeremy Moore
2nd     V34
  Jamie Collins
3rd      V20 Matt Mills

Formula 500's
1st     SH74  Damien Williams
2nd    SH18 Andrew Maconachie
3rd     SH67  Thomas Button

VSC Juniors     
1st     CR93  Toby Carmichael 
2nd    SH17  Josh Trainer
3rd     SH74 Troy Higgins

Standard Saloons     
1st     SH31 Leighton Warburton
2nd    SH99  Hayden Glare
3rd     SH49  Josh Campbell

More results at the link information page.  Click on My Laps all results and times for all events on the night.

Results for January 13th 2018

Mick and Jo Glare Memorial Standard Saloon
1st     Tim Hutchinson RDL88
2nd    Nick Christie AX 10
3rd     Shane Stewart Vic 2

Formula 500's
1st    Thomas Button SH 67
2nd    Damienb Williams SH 74
3rd     Matt Sayer SH 18

VSC Juniors
1st    Rhys Lansdown RD 47
2nd   Ricky Cornwall Vic 2
3rd    Toby Carmichael CR 93

GOSA Sedans
1st    Micth Watts L 54
2nd   Mark Gordon L 91
3rd    David Walton

Results for December 30th 2017

Formula 500
1st      SH67  Thomas Button
2nd     SH18   Matt Sayer

3rd      SH74   Damien Williams

Phil Simpson 3 Litre Memorial
1st      V2        Lennie Clark
2nd     BGO4   Kevin Clark

3rd      HO74   Steve Ellis

Standard Saloon
1st      RD88    Tim Hutchinson
2nd     W61      Trevor Evans
3rd      SH85    Aaron Marshall

Street Stocks
1st    46            Anthony Beare
2nd    RDL27    Jason Degoldi
3rd     B48        Michael Clark

VSC Juniors

1st    CR93        Toby Carmichael
2nd    RD95        AJ Lawrence
3rd     SH17       Teagan Glare

Results from November 25th 2017
Late Models
1st      V10  Cameron Pearson
2nd     NZ12
  Kritien Vermeulen
3rd      F7 Graham Forte

VSC Open
1st     B5  Anthony Wilson 
2nd    RDL49 Greg Raggatt
3rd     HL19  Marc Hanson

VSC Juniors     
1st     CR93  Toby Carmichael 
2nd    SH17  Josh Trainer
3rd     SH77  Teaghan Glare

Standard Saloons     
1st     SH49  Josh Campbell
2nd    SH99  Hayden Glare
3rd     SH31  David Warburton

Formula 500's
No final completed