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About Us

The Swan Hill Motor Racing Club and Speedway has been officially operating in Swan Hill since the 1958-1959 Season when 5 speedway enthusiasts formed what is now the Swan Hill Motor Racing Club.

Speedway was well and truly being held well before the club was formed but not in a professional manner. Many speedway enthusiasts would take their cars out to places like Tyntynder Flats (51klms North of Swan Hill) and to Pearce's Lake (25klms North of Swan Hill near Nyah) and roar around a makeshift track.

No records of drivers or cars were kept at this time, only memories for those who participated and watched.

Lots of fun was held and although they didn't have all of the safety measures for either driver or spectator, the thrill and buzz of speedway in Swan Hill was well and truly alive. A few of the drivers from these times can be seen today at race meetings, reliving their youth and remembering their experiences as a driver or spectator. As well as the local "bush speedways" in Swan Hill at these times, Koondrook (60klm South East of Swan Hill) was a popular haunt for the more adventurous drivers and was like a Sister Track to many locals.

The speedway enthusiasts of Swan Hill had a meeting in 1958-1959, thus the first General Meeting and it was here that The Swan Hill Motor Racing Club was born. There were 5 Foundation Members of the club, those being Mr. Don Grant, Mr. Ken Neyland, Mr. Roy Bacon, Mr Brian Domaille and Mr. Richard Burkett.

Back in the 50s when the club was formed it was not only Speedway cars that were involved but motor bikes were a very big part of the speedway scene in Swan Hill, running in conjunction with cars at race meetings.

After many hours, days, months and years of hard yakka, the first speedway track in Swan Hill was built over the river at Murray Downs and the birthplace of "Woanna Park". Many years of speedway was enjoyed at Woanna and large crowds were always in attendance as people could walk over the bridge and attend the race meetings.

The club held many successful Title Days and the Nights as well as club run events with both bikes and cars sharing the limelight.

It wasn't until around 1989 when the lease of the land was up and that noise restrictions were becoming an issue, that the club had to move away from Woanna Park. After so many years, many hours of love and dedication, would speedway be as successful and popular as it had been in the past?

Luckily for the Speedway enthusiasts of Swan Hill, the Swan Hill Shire (now known as the Swan Hill Rural City Council) purchased some farm land 10klms west of Swan Hill on the Ultima - Sea Lake Road and proclaimed it to be used for all motor sports including Speedway.

A year or two later and once again after many hours of blood, sweat and tears the new Complex at the Jack Chisolm Reserve now known as Sonic Speedway was opened.

The first race meeting was held on Saturday 28th December 1991.

Today Sonic Speedway is one of Victoria's most progressive Speedways. With over 150 Financial Members and over 50 Drivers Registered including 12 Junior Drivers, Speedway in Swan Hill is here to stay.

Many thanks go to those who over the past 50 and more years, have given much of their time, patience, guidance and life to provide us all with spectacular Speedway Racing in Swan Hill