SWAN HILL SPEEDWAY                                                                                                                                


Press Release      

See horsepower on display at Sonic Speedways DOUBLE HEADER meeting this Saturday and Sunday Night. Sonic Speedway finishes its racing season with an action-packed double header on Saturday and Sunday nights featuring the ever popular Super Rods and Vic Sports on both nights supported by local classes.

      For those unfamiliar with Super Rods they are a very light body - Minis, Hondas etc - bolted onto 350 Chevs, Ford and Chrysler motors and boy do they motor. Those that have seen them before know how exciting they are. With 15 Super Rods contesting the Graham Crick Memorial on Saturday night and their final points aggregate series on Sunday night the action will be very fast, very close and very spectacular. Drivers to look out for include current Vic 1 Michael Coad, last years Vic 1 Andrew Howard, past Vic 1 Jason Kavanagh and Corey Deliatis debuting his brand new car. Sally Woolstencroft in her first season back after a lengthy spell (as long as she can keep Dad out of the car) and second generation Super Rod driver Paul Verhoeven coming back a 3 month injury spell will he hoping to have a win first up after a spell. Other drivers to watch include Adrian Reick, Alex Bath, Darryl Bottoms and Steve Robertson along with speedsters Peter Duynhoeven and Neville Gange. .Local drivers Duane Cordina (its your home track Duane so you know where the walls are) and Rob Farrer will want to put on a good show for their home crowd.

     Vic Sports haven't been here recently and will be keen to check out our track. These cars are sedans using race suspension, racing tyres and are virtually unlimited in engine type and size. This lets them handle well at high speed. Drivers to watch include Vic 2 Leigh Bourke as well as Marc Hanson and Troy Peterson who have put on some epic battles here as Open Sedans. Good to luck to Toby Carmichael moving up from Juniors into this class. 

     A dozen Standard Sedans will greet the green flag with any of them capable of reaching the chequered flag first. Leighton Warburton will be hoping his cars body will hold together until Sunday night when its due for a reshell. Warby admits "the motors okay but the bodys stuffed". Other locals Ken Higgins, Josh Campbell, Tom Lambert, Daryl Mesley and Chris Grant will be hoping to upstage Warby while the never-ending family battle between Rhiannon and Hayden Glare will continue, as will the rivalry between visitors Gary and Trevor Evans.

     The Formula 500s have been able to put together their biggest number of cars for the season which will put on another class of close action. Again there a number of potential winners. Matt Sayers, Damien Williams and Thomas Button have been consistent all season while Aaron Stubbs, Sean Bedggood and Colin Adams hare all experienced drivers while the more Jess Bedggood, Michael Conlon and Nathan Caddy race the faster they become. It will be interesting to see how Malcolm Gammon handles the track after a lay off. 

     A smaller than usual number of Juniors have nominated although there may be a couple of late entries. With none of the usual front runners nominating it opens the door for the rest of the field. Teaghan Glare and Troy Higgins will be close all night with Teaghan also having to keep ahead of little brother Locklan. Carter Metcalfe from Mildura will keep the locals on their toes. Good luck to Shelby Neal in her first race at our track.

     Good luck to all drivers.

     Don't forget because of the cooler weather racing will start at 4.00 pm with hot and cold food and drink available.