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Press Release      June Long Weekend 2019

4 rollovers, 1 fire, 1 runaway wheel, half the side of one car torn off and a big hit on the wall and that was only in the first few races on day one of the two day meeting. Luckily for the crash crew their second night was less busy, but the fast action continued on Sunday – at least until the rain came just before the Finals started. With 60 cars in the pits and all local classes close in the Club Championships there was plenty of excitement and action.

The visiting Compact Speed Cars, although leaving with several damaged cars, are looking forward to returning for their Australian Title in April next year. Saturday’s racing  included several rollovers which kept spectators and the crash crew on their toes. Mark Heaton (AUS/NSW 1) with 2 heat wins and a second and Louis Rodriques (VIC 1) with a win and 2 seconds were the drivers to beat in the Final. Mark won by a couple of seconds from Louis. However Louis triumphed on Sunday. With no actual Final due to rain Louis was the leading point scorer ahead of Mark and Ayden Elliot. Next season with 20 of Australia’s fastest cars in the final running 18 second laps the Aussie Title will be spectacular.

The Super Rods also entertained the crowd with close, fast racing. On Saturday night 3 different drivers each won a heat, including local driver Zac Farrer, and with most drivers completing only 2 of their 3 heats the Final was up for grabs. Andrew Howard greeted the chequered flag first only seven-tenths ahead of Neville Gange and Michael Coad. On Sunday night Shaun Walsh won 2 heats and Michael won one, while Neville finished top 3 in each heat so the Final would have been close. This popular class will return long weekend in June for their State Title and are well worth watching.

Trevor and Gary Evans dominated Saturday’s  Standard Saloon class winning all the heats they competed in with local Chris Grant sneaking a heat win. Hayden Glare had 3 seconds in his heats while Aaron Marshall had 2 thirds and a 5th so the Final was wide open. Hayden turned the tables in the Final to lead Trevor home by a second with Aaron Marshall third ahead of Josh Campbell. On Sunday Hayden, Trevor and Aaron again dominated the heats and qualified in the top 3 positions for the Final. Unfortunately the rainout spoilt what would have been a close Final. Look out when they hold their State Title in March next year!!

Saturday’s Vic Sports Sedans heats were dominated by Tristan McGraw, Toby Carmichael (who lightened his car by removing half the left side panels) and Nathan Shortis. Tristan greeted the judge first ahead of Nathan and Toby. These 3 drivers again qualified top 3 on Sunday with Toby ahead of Tristan and Nathan for what would have been a very close Final. Well done to the Millican boys who hit the wall hard in the first heat Saturday night, repaired it for the next 2 heats and half the Final. Repaired overnight and with a change of driver the car completed all of Sunday’ heats.

Congratulations Juniors – all cars that started Saturday night were still running at the end of Sunday’s racing. On Saturday Lockhlan Glare won 2 heats and Tara Cordina one with Janie Patton close behind. Janie reversed the results in the Final winning from Lockhlan and Tara. On Sunday Lockhlan again won 2 heats and Janie one. Lockhlan again qualified on pole ahead of Janie. Well done to Jackson Davis in his second meeting racing safely among the faster drivers and winning the Encouragement Award.

After comfortably winning Saturdays first heat in the Formula 500s Damien Williams destroyed his motor which allowed Aaron Stubbs, Michael Conlon and Nathan Caddy to feature in the rest of the heats. In a close Final Michael won ahead of Aaron and Nathan. It was a similar story on Sunday with the same driver qualifying in the same order.

The V8 Super Modifieds only raced on Saturday as 4 cars became 3 cars then became 2 cars. Jade Ewart was first to the finish line ahead of Ian Forster.            Finally thank you to all our Club volunteers for their work, our Sponsors for their support and the Guardian for the coverage over the season and remember we’ll be back in November with an Australian Title and 3 Victorian Titles next season.













The Super Rods are back !! And so are the Compact Speed Cars!! Sonic Speedway roars into life after breaking the drought with a couple of inches of rain washing out last meeting – happy farmers but unhappy speedway fans. This meeting features 2 great days of racing – Saturday and Sunday - and with 60 + cars in the pits on both days and a wide variety of classes there will much more horsepower on display than at the races and the action will be fast, close, noisy and exciting.

The Super Rods are making their annual trip to Swan Hill and will contest the Graham Crick Memorial as well as completing their Club Aggregate Point Score Series. Super Rods are a fibreglass small body – Mini, Honda or Datsun etc – bolted onto a 327/350 type engine and they go hard!! With several ex VIC 1 drivers competing there will be plenty of action. Shaun Walsh (a multiple VIC 1 driver and multiple feature winner this year) and Andrew Howard (winner of last years Aggregate) will share a car and are a good chance to win. Michael Cole and Leigh Podger (both ex VIC 1 drivers) will also share a car and be hard to beat. Peter Duynhoven drives a Volkswagon Super Rod that looks like Herbie (the Love Bug) and with an attitude of “Win it or spin it” will be another driver to watch. Keeping it in the family Amy Duynhoven although not as fast as Peter loves being out there racing and is one for the girls to support. Neville Gange has shown great improvement in the last couple of years and looks like a future VIC 1. George Woolstencroft has been racing Super Rods for over 25 years and is always thereabouts. Adrian Rieck, Corey Deglatis and Paul Singleton have only been racing a couple of seasons but are always pushing the more experienced drivers. Local members will be represented by Duane Cordina in his new car in his first run for the season following his spectacular roll over here last season and Zac Farrer who has stepped into Dad Rob’s car and has impressed other drivers and is being talked about as a future VIC 1 driver. All these drivers will be using the track as experience for their State Title here next June.

            Compact Speed Cars return for the first time in many years and will also use the weekend as practice for their AUSTRALIAN !!! Title here next April. These cars look like Sprint Cars without the wings, yet are still able to lap only a couple of seconds slower than a normal Sprint Car. Current VIC 1 Louis Rodriques recently claimed AUS 4, just ahead of Butch Hutchinson (VIC 1 /AUS 5). Mark Heaton is AUS 1 / NSW 1, however fuel pump problems stopped his charge at the VIC Title. Ayden Elliott is AUS 3 / VIC 3 so there is plenty of talent in this field. Glen Wiles (ex AUS 3) and Nathan O’Brien (ex AUS 5) are also good chances here. Mark Hutchinson and Shaun Robinson are fast and consistent while Tania Hallet and Scott Thomson are sorting out new cars.

            20 (Yes 20!!) Standard Saloons have nominated with a lot of new faces coming to check out the track for next seasons Standards State Title. (Yep add in the Late Models State Title next May and that adds up to a huge season coming up).  Not a lot is known about many of these visiting drivers but the Evans boys from Wangaratta are back in their wagons and will be hard to beat. However locals Josh Campbell, Haydan Glare and Chris Grant are having great seasons and will be eager to greet the chequered flag first. Other locals Tom Lambert, Leighton Warburton, Kiel Tripcony and Claude Pearson are hoping to finally have their cars sorted out and will be keen to end the season on a good note as well as picking up points in the Club Championships. Teaghan and Rhiannon Glare along with Nickie Davis will be hoping to end the season as Queen of the track. Expect close, fender bending racing all night.

            Again the Vic Sports Sedans include a number of unknowns from all over Victoria, although Marc Hanson and Nathan Shortis have won here before while Toby Carmichael has done plenty of laps here. Tristan McGraw has stepped up from Juniors last year and has won a couple of races. The Millican family will be hoping Kial doesn’t do too much damage to the car on Saturday night as Cody is racing it Sunday night.

            The season has taken its toll on the Formula 500s but 6 of them will front up hoping for Club Championship points and its close. Damien Williams has raced consistently all season as has Aaron Stubbs. Nathan Caddy and Michael Conlon have had interrupted seasons but will still have plenty of points as will Jess Bedggood and Malcolm Gammon, while Thomas Button scored a lot of points earlier in the season before his car called it quits.

            Likewise no one stands out as the obvious winner in Modified V8s. Esther Thomson  has been consistent all year scoring regular points, while Jade Ewart will have picked up good points since returning to racing and has his new motor flying. Ian Forster, Michael Thomson and John Laffen will be hoping to score an upset win and vital points. This class probably won’t be decided until after the last race on Sunday.

            Although low in numbers Juniors will still be entertaining. At the risk of putting too much pressure on her Tara Cordina has a good chance of greeting the judge first. However Janie Patton will put plenty of pressure on her. Last season Janie made her debut here and raced fast until an unfortunate contact with the wall ended her night. In the battle of the boys the consistent Lockhlan Glare will take on Jackson Davis. In his first meeting Jackson showed he isn’t scared to use his right foot.

            Racing starts at 4 pm both days with hot and cold food and drinks  available so for exciting entertainment rug up and get ya backside trackside,