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Press Release      

            With 38 AMCAS, including the Australian Champion and all state champions, competing for the prestigious Victorian Title it was going to be a night of close and exciting racing. With so many big-tyred cars racing on a hot day the track needed continual watering and maintenance to allow fast, safe racing so thank you to the crowd for bearing with us. The 38 drivers all appreciated the work that went into the track.

            Each race of every one of the 3 rounds of 4 heats had a different winner so despite all the highly credited drivers there didn’t seem to be a clear favourite for the final although Australia 1 Jeremy Moore with a 1st, 3rd and 2nd in his 3 heats was going to be hard to beat, while Vic/SA 1 Jamie Collins with a 1st, 2nd and 5th would be expected to push him all the way. 4 time ex-Aus 1 Shane McKinnell was racing consistently with 3 top 5 placings while Matt Mills who was leading the Australian Title for half the race last weekend until he suffered mechanical trouble appeared to have a change of luck as he managed a 1st,2nd and 6th in his heats. During the last round of heats drivers were realising what they needed to make the top 16 cars to automatically qualify for the 20 car final or how to end up with a top 4 finish in the B-main final to scrape into the A final. As a result speeds got quicker, more risks were taken which made for spectacular viewing – unfortunately some cars became “did not finish”.

            When the points were tallied and 17 cars started the B-Main final 13 cars went back onto their trailers. The A-Main final was close and relatively incident free and after  some exciting racing it was Aust 1 Jeremy Moore that greeted the chequered flag first and won the right to put the Vic 1 number on his car, just ahead of Jamie Collins and Matt Mills.

            The winning drivers were very appreciative of the Sonic Speedway and our hosting of their Victorian Title and are looking forward to returning here in the future, while we look forward to them returning.

 Again our ever-improving Juniors provided some exciting and action-packed entertainment for the crowd with very close racing resulting in some damaged cars so unfortunately only 4 cars made the final. With 2 heat wins and a 2nd in his heats Toby Carmichael was favourite, although Josh Trainer with a 1st and 2nd and Troy Higgins with a 2nd, 3rd and 4th would be right on his tail. That’s the way it turned out with a hastily repaired Teaghan Glare in 4th place. Troy Higgins won the Encouragement Award.

            Standard Sedans were again down on numbers but again provided the crowd with close racing. With both having a 1st and 2nd in their heats visiting driver Aaron Price and Leighton Warburton would be expected to fight out the final, although Josh Campbell, Hayden Glare and the returning Ken Higgins (with a very excited passenger) would be expected to push them all the way. In the final Aaron had car trouble with Leighton winning from the consistently improving Hayden, Josh and Ken.

            In the Formula 500s Thomas Button won all 3 heats while Damien Williams, Andrew Machonache in a borrowed car and Aaron Stubbs were racing consistently. Unfortunately for Thomas his car had mechanical trouble allowing Damien to win ahead of Andrew, Thomas and Aaron.

Our next meeting is on March 17th featuring the Formula 500 Stampede which are the latest, bigger and therefore quicker version of our local 500s, as well as the Open class tin-tops. Also good luck to our local Standard drivers at their Vic Title on the  10th March in Wahgunyah.






Sonic Speedway fires up again on Saturday night with the Victorian State Title for AMCA sedans up for grabs. A huge field of 41 cars have entered for the right to wear the coveted VIC 1 number on their car for the  next 12 months. For those unfamiliar with AMCAs they are a purpose built sedan racer with a Holden or Chev V8 motor and will use all of their 300+ horsepower to provide fast, close and spectacular racing - especially with all 41 drivers trying to qualify for the 20 car final over 30 laps. All states and territories except ACT will be represented as drivers have stayed on after the Australian Title last weekend. Tonight's field contains the cream of AMCA drivers headlined by Jeremy Moore who last weekend won the highly prized Australian Title taking it from Tim Reidy (current WA 1) who is racing tonight. The current VIC 1 titleholder Jamie Collins will be keen to keep his VIC 1 title, while Darren McCarthy will be hoping history repeats itself as he previously won the title the last time it was run in Swan Hill. Matt Mills will be hoping for a change of luck as he led the Australian Title for half the race until mechanical problems put him into the infield. Other state number 1 racers include Shane McKinnell a 4 time AUS 1 winner, NT 1 Shane Newstead, QLD 1 and NSW 1 Matt Hardy, TAS 1 Daniel Brooks and ex VIC 1 Steve Potts.Although they don't have State Title victories to their names all of the other drivers are capable of causing an upset, including the female drivers who include Sharon Tindal who was a top 10 finisher in the Australian Title.

After 3 rounds of 4 heats of qualifying the points will be added up and the top 16 point scorers will qualify for the Title Final, while the next 20 drivers will get a further chance in the B-Main final over 20 laps with the first 4 placegetters being promoted into the main final, where there will be 30 laps of high-speed, action packed racing for the Title.

Local support classes include the ever improving Juniors where Toby Carmichael and Josh Trainer will resume their battles and should fight it out for the chequered flag, however Teaghan Glare, Troy Higgins, Tara Cordina and Paige Bull will be waiting for the lead drivers to slip up while Brandon Mitchell returns to the track. It is interesting to note that AJ Lawrence who has had some epic battles with Josh and Toby in Juniors ran in the Mick and Jo Memorial as a Standard and ran 5th, which shows our juniors can, and will, fit into open age racing as competitive racers in the future.

Again what the Formula 500s lack in numbers they make up for in quality as Damien Williams, Matt Sayers and Tom Button will continue their battle for the chequered flag while Aaron Stubbs continues to push the leaders all the way.

Standard Saloons are lower in numbers than last season, but again any of them could greet the judge first. Leighton Warburton (or could Dad pinch the keys again?) and Josh Campbell are rarely more than a couple of cars apart all night while Hayden Glare and Daryl Mesley are both capable of causing an upset.

Don't miss a great night of close, fast and exciting racing with hot and cold food available,. Gates open at 3.00 with racing starting at 7.00.