SWAN HILL SPEEDWAY                                                                                                                                

Track Information

Swan Hill Speedway know as Sonic Speedway is situated 10 Kilometres West of Swan Hill on the Ultima - Sealake Road at the Jack Chisolm Reserve.

The track is of a sand and clay mix, 500 metres long and 1 metre from the pole line.

The track has banked corners 20 metres wide with 16 metre wide straights.

The pole Line is a clay and sand mix and the track has a fast racing surface.

Sonic Speedway is a Club run track.  Our Volunteers are the people you will see on race nights and during the years to provide you with spectacular racing and the great sporting complex we have at Sonic Speedway.

Sonic Speedway and the Swan Hill Motor Racing Club are affiliated with both VSC and ASCF Associations.

Spectators can park there cars track side or sit on the grassy bank.

Canteen is available selling hot and cold drinks, fish, chips, jam doughnuts, lollies, chicken strips, dim sims, sandwiches, pies, pasties, sausage rolls, spring rolls, hot dogs and winter times hot soup and summer fruit salad and much much more.

No Alcohol is sold at Sonic Speedway.

Camping is permitted on race days.

2 Spectators and public toilet blocks.

Hot showers and Toilet blocks with in the pit area.

Hot and cold drinks available in the Pit area

Scrutineering shed with in the pit area.  Scutineering open after 2pm and closes at 5pm.  No cars after close of time will be racing on the night.  Visiting drivers if you may have problems and are running late give us a quick call and arrangments can be made.




Directions to the track from the Clock Tower at intersection Campbell Street and McCallum Street.

1. Head west on McCallum St towrads Beveridge St.  Go through two rounad abouts  1.8km

2. Continue onto Sea Lake - Swan Hill Rd.  Go through 1 roundabout destination on your left in 7.4km.

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